Residential: 7.0 cents/kWh*
Commercial: 4.8 cents/kWh**



Group Rate Electricity is a Consulting Management Service company with 7 years of solid track record, A+ Rating, 100% Positive Reviews, zero Negative Reviews, no Complaints, see Better Business Bureau.

We are expanding through out TEXAS, we are hiring Sales Consultants, and we are looking for:

1) Sales professionals looking for a great opportunity.

2) Seasoned sales people looking for a better income.

3) Entrepreneurs looking for a new business opportunity.

4) Energetic fun loving people driven to succeed.

We are not a Retail Electric Provider and we do not buy/sell electricity. There are 50+ Retail Electric Providers in TEXAS already doing that.

We are quite the opposite actually. We are a Consulting Management Service company consistently saving our members 30% to 70% off their electric bill every year . . . and we really do. Ask yourself, who wouldn’t like to take advantage of that?

Electricity is electricity no matter the Retail Electric Provider name printed on your electric bill because your electricity will continue to be delivered and maintained by the same Transmission Delivery Utility.

The Retail Electric Providers will very simply charge less to our members or anyone we bring to them through our program.



2) Full-time: $112,000 per year, Part-time: $23,400 per year

3) The lowest electric rate in TEXAS year round and SAVE 30% to 70% per year.

4) A product that everyone has to have, is already using, and paying too much for.

5) A product that everyone wants to pay much less for.

To apply for a Sales Consultant email your resume to:

We will contact you within 48-hours with details on the next step.