Residential: 8.3 cents/kWh *
Commercial: 5.9 cents/kWh **



We are hiring Energy Sales Consultants who like helping people save 30% to 75% on their electric bill. We do this by providing the lowest electric rate year round through smart management of the electric company providing the electric bill.

We are looking for people with the following qualities:

1) Energetic fun loving people driven to succeed.

2) Seasoned sales people looking for a better income.

3) Entrepreneurs looking for a new business opportunity.

4) Honest, courteous, professional sales people looking for a great opportunity.

What We Offer

1) Earn $100 per Residential Sale.

2) Earn $300 per Commercial Sale.

3) FREE Website and Back Office.

4) Sales Quota: 5 sales per month.


6) We have the lowest electric rate in TEXAS year round, see Historical Rates and Proof.

7) A product that everyone has to have, is already using, paying too much and wants to pay much less.

8) We have over 10 years of outstanding track record, A+ Rating, FIVE Stars Positive Customer Reviews, ZERO Negative Customer Reviews, ZERO Complaints.

To apply for Energy Sales Consultant email your resume to:

We will contact you within 48-hours with details on the next step.