Residential: 11.7 cents/kWh *
Commercial: 7.9 cents/kWh **

Save 30% - 70% GUARANTEED

Save More

1) KVAR – Save up to 20% on electric bill by reducing kilowatt usage without changing the temperature on the thermostat.

Save up to 20% on electric bill by installing KVAR. Watch the KVAR video on FOX, NBC, CBS. Get a FREE engineering analysis to determine if KVAR is a good fit. Start saving today call 972-322-1262.

2) Radiant Barrier & Attic Insulation – Save up to 30% on electric bill by reducing kilowatt usage without changing the temperature on the thermostat.

Installing Radiant Barrier and Attic Insulation will lower electric consumption, lower electric bill, improve comfort level and add more years of use to Heating and Air Conditioning Unit. For a free estimate call 972-322-1262.

3) Solar – Save up to 40% on solar roof panel.

If you’re thinking about going solar, listen up! Picking the right company is key. I’ve checked out many solar companies, analyzed tons of solar electric bills, savings, and all that stuff. So, before you make a move, reach out to me. I’ll make sure you get a quote and a plan that fits you, your family, and your wallet, or I’ll hook you up with an honest company.

Not all homes are a fit for solar, but you just might be a perfect match. Let me help you make this important decision before you pull the trigger.

I got your back, like always. Saving you money now and for the long haul is what I do! For more information call 972-322-1262.

4) Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning – Save up to 40% on Air Conditioning system.

By combining our members buying power on Residential HVAC system, we are able to offer Group Price and save thousands of dollars compare to Retail Price. We have licensed HVAC professionals with 20+ years of experience who will perform the installation. For a free estimate call 972-322-1262.

5) Home/Auto Insurance – Save up to 40% on Home/Auto Insurance.

If you want to save hundreds and thousands of dollars on Home/Auto Insurance just like you are currently saving on home and business electric bills but you are too busy, you do not have time and energy to shop, shopping takes too long then let us do the shopping for you. If it makes sense and saves you time and money then changing to a reputable and highly rated insurance company is a smart choice.

We are not an insurance company, we are not a licensed insurance agent, we do not work for nor represent any insurance company.

The Home/Auto Insurance saving program is a membership-based program. The cost is $250 per 6-months management and it is paid up front with a credit card. The Membership Fee is paid back by savings within 3-months.

To start saving email a PDF copy of your current Home/Auto Insurance policy all pages to: You agree to a soft credit check. A soft credit check does not adversely impact your credit score. Start saving today call 972-322-1262.

6) Financial Literacy Campaign – FREE workshop on Finance 101 and How Money Works.

World System Builder is on a mission of Financial Literacy Campaign to educate 30 million people by year 2030 by providing FREE workshop. Millions of people today are experiencing money problem and they need help. The FREE workshop educates people on how to become responsible money managers of their own money and take control of their financial future.

Workshop #1 – Building Savings and Wealth
Workshop #2 – Increase Cash Flow & Debt Management
Workshop #3 – Preparing Proper Protection
Workshop #4 – Your Health and Wealth
Workshop #5 – Understanding Asset Accumulation Strategies
Workshop #6 – Fulfilling Long Term Goals
Workshop #7 – RSSA (Optimizing Social Security)

The FREE workshop is presented LIVE/Zoom Monday to Friday three times daily at 1:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm Central Standard Time. For more information call 972-322-1262.