Residential: 8.3 cents/kWh*
Commercial: 6.6 cents/kWh**


Residential: 8.3 cents/kWh* (Oncor: all-inclusive)
Commercial: 6.6 cents/kWh** (Oncor: energy charge)

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Group Rate Electricity

Currently, there are 300+ electric plans to choose from and because of so many complicated, confusing, tricky plans, consumers do not know how to choose which plan is best for them.

Let Group Rate Electricity sift through the complicated, confusing, tricky plans and find the best electric plan and the lowest electric rate based on your usage pattern, keep you at the lowest electric rate year round, and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

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2) See 1) Proof, 2) Historical Rates, 3) Residential Electric Bills, 4) Commercial Electric Bills.
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Bottom Line
1) Our members pay the lowest electric rate in TEXAS year round and save 30% to 70% per year.
2) The Residential Membership Fee is $180 per 6-months Management and it is paid up front with a credit card.
3) The Commercial Membership Fee is $500 per 12-months Management and it is paid up front with a credit card.

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