Residential: 6.2 cents/kWh*
Commercial: 4.8 cents/kWh**



Members of Group Rate Electricity can be blessing to Friends/Family by sharing and can earn $50 Check per referral by inviting Friends/Family to enroll in Group Rate Electricity. By consistently applying steps 1 & 2 below, members can earn $200+ per month.

Qualified non-profit organizations such as church, mosque, temple can generate the much needed fund to help support mission, help the poor, and feed the hungry. Non-profit organizations can be blessing to others by sharing and can earn $50 Check per referral by inviting others to enroll in Group Rate Electricity.

Business establishments such as restaurant, hair salon, nail salon, store can gain more new/repeat customers by allowing Group Rate Electricity to promote 4 x 6 postcards at their business establishments. In return, Group Rate Electricity will give away $50 Voucher to every new member who successfully enrolls in Group Rate Electricity through the business establishments.


1) Share with Friends/Family

2) Create as many social media accounts (i.e.,,, post weekly messages of how much you save monthly/yearly with Group Rate Electricity, and recommend everyone to enroll in Group Rate Electricity. Make sure to mention your non-profit organization or your Name & Phone as a Referrer in your message.

3) Friends/Family must enter the member’s, non-profit organization’s, or business establishment’s Name & Phone as a Referrer on the Enrollment Form.

4) The Referral Check is mailed to the member’s home or non-profit organization’s address (30-days after power is ON).

5) Members and non-profit organizations who make more than $600 per calendar year will receive Form-1099.

Qualified non-profit organizations and business establishments must complete the Contact Form to participate in the Referral program.