GROUP RATE ELECTRICITY – ***** SAVINGS GROUP LLC I have used the above company for nearly three years and have found significant savings over what I had previously been paying. My bills went from well over $200 in the summer months to half that or even less. A huge savings for me! Although it can be a little disconcerting having a new provider every three to six months, the transfer is seamless and I’ve not had any problems, and if you have a question it is great being able to call XXX XXX XXXX and have your concerns/questions answered right away; without having to hang onto the phone waiting for an answer. The only thing that they sometimes ask of you is to forward any offers you receive from other companies looking to sign you up. I was previously with Reliant Energy and had been with them over 10 years, but after a really bad experience with them and an unbelievably rude person I had to deal with, I switched and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! Can’t recommend Yusef ***** highly enough. Nice gentleman who really cares about his customers.