Common Mistakes

Costly Common Mistakes People Make

1) Most people are too busy and not willing to invest the time and energy necessary to get the lowest rate.

2) Most people assume they already have the best electric company, best electric plan and lowest rate.

3) Most people stay with one electric company for years and never bother to shop for a lower rate.

4) Most people are unaware their contract has expired and are overpaying for months and years.

5) Most people trust and accept all charges on their electric bill are valid and accurate.

6) Most people do not verify the accuracy of the charges on their electric bill.

7) Most people do not know their electric company is overcharging them.

8) Most people do not know they can pay much less for electricity.

Protect Your Rights . . . You Have A Right To

1) Receive the lowest rate per kilowatt hour year round.

2) Non-predatory and non-abusive billing and services.

3) No overcharges, no unauthorized fees, no mark-ups.

4) Accurate and error free electric billing.

5) Un-inflated pass through charges.