My husband and I have been with Group Rate Electricity for around a year and a half now and have been very satisfied. Our savings have been outstanding… Our last bill with TXU was $250 and when our contract was up we switched to Group Rate.. Well, I cannot tell you how pleased I was to get my next bill which was $68.00, I thought it was a mistake, so I called and they said it was not a mistake… My largest bill this summer has been $115.00 in the hottest month and with TXU it was over $350 for the same month…So, you can judge it for yourself, if you are skeptical try them out you can always go back to paying outrageous bills from those other companies… The 6 month administrative fee works out to be around $25.00 dollars a month, so even paying that fee every six months has not been a problem, because we have saved more than that over the years time. We are very happy with this service… We never know what company we will be with when our contract changes, but we don’t have to do anything Mr. ***** takes care of all that for us.. If we have questions we call or e-mail and get answers promptly…We are very happy with Group Rate Electricity and do not plan to change…I hope this will help you if you have any doubt about changing….