The question is not should you employ Group Rate Electricity…the question is why wouldn’t you? Yes, they charge a fee, but I usually save a year’s worth of fees in a single month. If you own a boatload of TXU or Reliant stock, stick with them. But if you want to cut your electricity bill by 40-50%, by all means join Group Rate Electricity. It’s kind of fun to see who my provider is going to be. Over the course of the last year, I believe we have received power from three different companies. However, the lights have never flickered, the air conditioning continues to blow. The transition is seamless. I just received a notice from my current provider advising me that my contract period is expiring. That tells me I will have a different provider next month, but I won’t have to shop around and spend time selecting someone. No one objects to paying a fair fee for excellent service, and that is precisely what Yusef provides. Sign up. You’ll never look back.