I’ve been using the Group Rate Electricity with YUSUF GIVEN for about 10 years. When I was first introduced to Yusuf I wasn’t sure it was a good choice. Over the years, I’ve been convinced time and again how much I can save. The first summer, my electric bill went from over $700 per month to less than $300 per month. Although the initial investment was an added expense, spreading the cost over the 6 month period still kept my electric bill under $350.

Over the years, I have continued to update my commitment and gladly pay the annual fees. The overall cost per month is significantly less than others in my area.

Whenever I go to Sam’s and they try to sell me on a different product, I tell them I’m with Group Rate Electricity and they back off knowing they can’t match my cost.

I’m very eager to share my experience and recommend Yusuf Given for service.