Yusuf worked for one of the major competing electric companies for years. He saw the injustice being done most especially to the senior population, with constant rate increases, and the negative affect this had on their budget. He was determined to help these people, the most vulnerable and the easiest group to take it advantage of, so he started his own company and did just that. Hands down he has the absolute lowest electric rates among a huge field of electric providers. His customer service is second to none, as you are dealing directly with the CEO and his wonderful family. Amazing service, great friends, and the lowest rates, PERIOD!! I have only been a customer for a year, But I will be a customer for life. Yusuf has saved me hundreds of dollars and cut my bill in half in the process. I can’t recommend this company enough. Take it from a retired Air Force Colonel I did my research there is nothing better. Thank you to Yusuf and all your family.