Residential: 6.3 cents/kWh *
Commercial: 4.4 cents/kWh **



How does Group Rate Electricity offer the lowest electric rate?
1) We work electric rates every day.
2) We stay current with the constantly changing electric rates.
3) We enroll our members in the best electric plan with the lowest electric rate based on usage, location and strategic planning.
4) We monitor our members’ electric accounts every day for savings as market conditions change, make changes as necessary and manage their renewal.

How can I be sure Group Rate Electricity is legit?
1) We have 10+ years of outstanding track record, A+ Rating, 4.94/5 Stars Positive Customer Reviews, ZERO Negative Customer Reviews, ZERO Complaints, see Better Business Bureau.
2) Read the 300+ Reviews.
3) Read the reviews on Angie’s List.
4) Watch the Testimonial Video.

Why does Group Rate Electricity charge a fee?
Group Rate Electricity is a membership-based program. Large commercial companies use consultants and we have shattered that model with an affordable electricity management program built on new technologies and processes to enable bulk rates at the smaller levels like your house or business office. We do not require you to prepay for electricity.

What is Group Rate Electricity Refund Policy?
See Refund Policy.

What area does Group Rate Electricity provide service?
We only service TEXAS.

Who will mail my electric bill to me?
The Retail Electric Provider will mail or email the electric bill to you.

Who will service my electricity in case of a power outage?
The same Transmission Delivery Utility that has always provided the maintenance service.

Will I experience a service interruption when switching electric company?
There is no service interruption when switching electric company.

I am currently in a contract, should I break my contract?
If you are currently in a contract and you break it, your electric company will charge you a Cancellation Fee. But, if your saving is much more compared to the Cancellation Fee and the Membership Fee combined than breaking your contract is a smart choice.