Residential: 5.7 cents/kWh*
Commercial: 3.8 cents/kWh**



1) How come I have never heard about Group Rate Electricity before?

Group Rate Electricity is a Consulting Management Service company with 6-years solid track record, A+ Rating, and 125 POSITIVE Reviews, see Better Business Bureau.

2) How are you able to offer such low rate?

1) We shop electric rates every day.
2) We monitor the electric market every day.
3) We stay current with the constantly changing electric rates every day.

3) How can I be sure your company is legit?

1) Read the A+ Rating and the 125 POSITIVE Reviews, see Better Business Bureau.
2) See our members electric bills, see Proof.
3) Read the Reviews on Angie’s List.
4) Watch the Testimonial Video.

4) Why are you charging people for your service?

Group Rate Electricity is a membership base program. We work for our members and represent their best interest. Our members pay us to manage their electricity and in return they benefit from paying the lowest electric rate year round and we proactively monitor their electric accounts for savings as market conditions change.

5) What is your Refund Policy?

Read our Refund Policy.

6) What areas do you provide service?

We service all of TEXAS in deregulated areas.

7) Who will mail my electric bill to me?

Group Rate Electricity will select the Retail Electric Provider who has the lowest electric rate based on your usage pattern.

8) Who will service my electricity in case of a power outage?

The same Transmission Delivery Utility that has always provided the maintenance service.
ONCOR: 888-313-6862
CENTERPOINT: 800-332-7143
TNMP: 888-866-7456
AEP: 877-373-4858
SHARYLAND: 800-545-4513

9) Will I experience a service interruption when switching electric company?

No because switching electric company is always seamless and without service interruption.

10) I am currently in a contract, should I break my contract?

If you are currently in a contract and you break it, you will incur a Cancellation Fee. But, if your saving is more compared to the Cancellation Fee and Membership Fee combined than breaking your contract is a “smart” choice.