Residential: 12.2 cents/kWh *
Commercial: 9.1 cents/kWh **

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Residual Income

We are hiring Full-time and Part-time Energy Consultants and we are looking for people with the following qualities:

1) Energetic fun loving people driven to succeed.

2) Ambitious people looking for a great opportunity.

3) Seasoned sales people looking for a better income.

4) Entrepreneurs looking for a new business opportunity.

What We Offer

1) Earn Residual Income.

2) Commission only, pay weekly, flexible hours, work from home.

3) We are consumer advocate, we are customer focus, we are quick to respond to customer questions and needs.

4) We have been in business 13+ saving people 30% to 70% on their electric bill. We have A+ Rating, 5-Star Reviews, ZERO Complaints, see BBB.

5) We have the lowest fixed electric rate year round and we have a product and service that everyone cannot live without, paying too much and wants to pay much less.

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