Residential: 9.9 cents/kWh *
Commercial: 7.1 cents/kWh **

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Before you ENROLL do this first . . . take your most current electric bill and CALCULATE your savings than see Proof and Better Business Bureau.


1) You must be a non-member, you have not use Group Rate Electricity and you are a TEXAS resident.

2) NO purchase necessary and you are not required to enroll in Group Rate Electricity.

3) Your home electric is delivered by Oncor, Centerpoint, Texas New Mexico Power or American Electric Power.

4) Your Full Name must be printed on your electric bill.

5) Use the Savings Calculator and the result must say YOUR SAVING is 75% or greater.

6) Email a PDF copy of your current electric bill (all pages) to: and complete the Contact Form.

7) A $50 Check is mailed to your home 7-days after we receive your electric bill and verify Item #5.

Company Information

Given Savings Group LLC
dba Group Rate Electricity
Phone: 972-322-1262
Operation Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CST

Group Rate Electricity members pay the lowest electric rate in TEXAS year round, see Historical Rates and SAVE hundreds and thousands of dollars every year, see Proof.

Follow These 3 Steps:

1) You MUST be a TEXAS resident to apply.

2) You MUST pass a background check.

3) You AUTHORIZE Group Rate Electricity to charge your credit card $35 for a non-refundable background check.