Residential: 13.5 cents/kWh *
Commercial: 10.6 cents/kWh **

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Who We Are

If you are looking for a straight up and honest energy management company with no gotcha and no gimmick then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

Group Rate Electricity has been in business for 13 years with impeccable track record, see Reviews. We are an energy management company dedicated to helping Texans lower their electric bill 30% to 70% and save an average of $1,475 per year, see Proof. We do this by providing the lowest fixed rate year round, see Historical Rates through smart management of the electric company providing the electric bill.

Today, Texans are bombarded with 500+ complicated, confusing, tricky electric plans to choose from and people are confused, frustrated and do not know how to choose which electric plan is best for them so most people end up choosing the wrong electric plan and overpay for electricity, see Costly Common Mistakes People Make.

Let us help you save time and money and remove the pain, frustration, confusion that comes with shopping electricity.

What We Do

1) We research and shop for the lowest fixed rate everyday.

2) We enroll our members in the best electric plan and the lowest fixed rate based on usage, location, strategic planning.

3) We proactively monitor our members electric accounts for savings as market conditions change, make changes as necessary and manage their renewal.


Group Rate Electricity is a membership-based program. Large commercial companies use consultants and we have shattered that model with an affordable energy management program built on new technologies and processes to enable bulk rates at smaller levels like your house and business office.

1) The Membership Fee for a Residential account is $180 per 6-months management and it is paid up front with a credit card.

2) The Membership Fee for a Commercial account is $500 per 12-months management and it is paid up front with a credit card.

3) The Membership Fee is paid back by savings generally within 3-months and in many cases within 1-month.

Bottom Line

1) Our members pay the lowest fixed rate year round and save an average of $1,475 per year.

2) To start saving 30% to 70% on your electric bill click Savings Calculator then select Enroll Now.